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Dawn Of War II, Big Update

The shootiest RTS of all time, Dawn Of War II, has just had a monster update, and should patch automatically when you start the game up. The update includes the 2v2 game mode we were all clamouring for when the game originally came out, as well as a bunch of other surface stuff such as new death animations. There's also two new four-player maps, a benchmarking app, and push to talk for voice chat. There's also some serious bug fixing and an overhaul of the AI. Full details of patch below. We'll probably have a poke around on those new maps later today, but let us know below if you have any thoughts on this update, or the current state of DoWII.

New Content

* Two on Two game mode is now available for ranked play.
* Two new four-player maps have been added to the game: (4p) Medean Cliff Mines and (4p) Ruins of Argus. These are available for ranked and custom games.
* We have added a benchmarking performance test; you can find it in the Graphics options tab.
* There are eight new sync kill animations in the game. Keep your eyes open for some new carnage!

New Options

* We have added a "Push to Talk" option for in-game voice chat. When enabled in the Game Options screen, tilde (~) will control chat.
* We have also added a "Advanced Sub-selection" game option. When enabled sub-selection behavior will be the same as Company of Heroes, where a sub-selected squad will be the only one to receive orders.


* Fixed several crashes where invalid data was being written to logs.
* Fixed a common multithreading crash.
* Fixed some out-of-memory crashes on Vista 32.
* Fixed a crash that could occur if Avitus was reinforcing when a game ended.

UI Change

* The previous PvP squad decorators have been replaced with decorators based on the squad role. The new decorators identify units in a way that is consistent across races. A new loading screen tip has been added to explain the new images.

Replay Improvements

* Added a 4x speed.
* Capture progress bars are now visible.
* Commander wargear and squad upgrades are now visible on unit selection panel.
* Build queues are now displayed.
* Replay control buttons now have audio.
* Decorators now show up in replays.

Gameplay Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug where a unit with an energy shield could become unkillable if they also had very low health.
* Fixed a bug where the Carnifex would stop meleeing units after killing a hero in melee.
* Tankbusta targeting priorities have been improved, now prefer to target vehicles.
* Fixed a bug where demolition charges could pass through terrain and not detonate.
* Fixed a bug where the Techmarine could continue to repair after being knocked down.
* Squads now unload from a vehicle when it is destroyed.
* Full resource refunds are now granted when a building that hasn't started construction is cancelled.
* Adjusted refund costs on the Webway gate.
* Adjusted refund costs on the Techmarine's Space Marine Heavy Bolter turret.
* Fixed a bug where a melee leaping unit would follow a teleporting or jumping unit a long distance.
* Fixed Warp Spider Exarch Enhanced Warp Generator and Improved War Generator.
* Adjusted Scything Talon knockback and suppression.
* Fixed a pathing problem on (6p) Typhon Arena.
* Put a build time on Ravener Tunnels. Tunnels are also vulnerable during construction.

Text Bugs

* Fixed tooltip on Lictor Hero's Adrenal Gland wargear.
* Fixed tooltip on Catalyst ability.
* Fixed tooltip on Warlock Champion's robe.
* Fixed an incorrect tooltip on the "Luv da Dakka" ability.

Custom Games

* Players are no longer prompted to dispute a match when a player is kicked from a non-ranked game.
* Players can now select chapter colors for AI players.


* Removed the "Submit Player Review" prompt that would appear if a player left the countdown before a match started.
* Fixed a situation where a party could get broken up when host migration occurred.

Post-game stats

* We now show a "Player has left" message for all players when you quit out to the post game screen.


* Fixed a bug with the Sweeping Advance achievement. Previously it wouldn't be awarded if the retreating unit was the last entity in the squad.

Audio Improvements

* Speech events now fade out if a higher priority event triggers.
* Medium sound quality preset now chooses 44100Hz instead of 22050Hz.

In-Game HUD and UI

* There are now two map ping buttons, Attack and Defend. (Hotkeys are F8 and F9 respectively.)
* Added a Retreat All hotkey. (ALT-X)
* Added a Retreat Hero hotkey. (SHIFT-X)
* Fixed an issue where the camera would get locked to a position if you band-box selected and landed on a button, then pressed it without moving the mouse.
* The camera no longer strafes when starting a move facing or band-box selection.
* Squads that have sergeants now display the count correctly on the reinforcement UI.
* Unconscious heroes no longer get selected when bandbox selecting multiple units.
* Targeted abilities are now usable on multi-select portraits and on squad tabs.
* Implemented a fix for starting squads not receiving hotkeys when another player loaded slowly.
* Player list bars no longer fade in and out while using voice chat.
* Fixed an issue where "Rear Armor Hit" kickers were triggering multiple times.
* Selection circles no longer disappear on a selected unit that is performing a sync kill.
* Fixed a bug where greyed-out unavailable abilities would show up when a squad was retreating.
* Fixed an issue where the portrait health of a unit could display zero when the unit was still alive.
* Clicking a squad tab on a unit in a Webway gate or Ravener tunnel will now correctly select that squad.
* Fixed a bug where squads with a sergeant would sometimes get two decorators when exiting a webway gate.
* Reinforcement UI no longer displays when a hero is selected.
* Fixed an issue where a blank square would appear when a squad was reinforcing.
* Opposing players no longer see random players' race selection in the Player List panel.
* Fixed a bug where helptext on purchased hero accessory wargear wasn't visible.
* Fixed an issue where a black border would sometimes appear on a garrisonable building.
* Pressing space bar in a chat no longer results in two spaces entered.

Game Options

* Fixed a bug where sound for buttons in the Game Options screen would disappear after adjusting brightness.

AI Player improvements

* Expert and Hard players now provide higher early game pressure through a variety of tier one units.
* AI players now purchase a variety of wargear for their hero, and take better care not to hurt their economy.
* AI players now purchase an appropriate amount of generators.
* AI players will engage the enemy and attack more aggressively than before.
* AI players are ber at preserving units, and retreat at appropriate times both in melee and ranged combat.
* AI players are now much better at using unit abilities.
* AI players will upgrade existing units with a variety of upgrades more intelligently.
* AI players prioritize capture points in a more intelligent fashion.
* AI players tech to tier 2 in an appropriate timeframe and purchase later game units based on combat needs.
* AI players tech to tier 3 and purchases late game units including Carnifexs, predator tanks, fire prisms, etc, based on combat needs.
* AI players now can flank suppression weapons out of combat.
* AI players now purchase dead heroes at more appropriate costs.
* AI players no longer buy and cancel generators when enemies are around.


* Mission briefing speech now only plays the first time a mission is opened.
* Fixed an issue where the starmap button didn't highlight the first time a player had to travel between planets.
* The character level up screen now accounts for rewards granted by the mission.
* Fixed a fatal SCAR error on Angel Gate.
* Fixed a fatal SCAR error on the first Lictor encounter.


* Added a countdown timer to campaign mission start.
* Fixed an issue where the other player in a coop games hotkeys were always set to 5.


* Added support for Hungarian language.

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