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Dawn of War II: Things Killing Other Things

Relic's 40K blood-frenzy strategy sequel remains largely a mystery, so it's good to clock some in-game footage and get a sense of what the thing'll be like. Find the video, and some blow-by-blow... well, 'analysis' is hardly an appropriate word. Blow-by-blow something after the cut, plus some more, and rather awesome, screenshots.

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Cheers Chris

10s - Looks darker, grittier than DOW1 - which I think is a good thing. DOW1's great, but it never felt like it was genuinely happening in the 40K universe - more like it just wheeled out Greatest Hits moments.
15s - Bosh! Splodes! Physics!
20s - Tell me that zoom distance is possible in the game itself. DOW1's extreme close-ups really piss me off sometimes.
25s - So...much...blood!
30s - Don't waste time showing me the damned logo. Show me more blood!
35s - God, Dreadnoughts are awesome.

In conclusion: I just cannot wait for this. I missed out on going to see it recently due to a distressing scheduling snafu, and this makes me really very sad. Here's hoping we find out more soon, and that there are Tyranids. There had better be Tyranids. Tyranids!

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