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Day of Infamy launching properly this month

Oh, and an update on Insurgency: Sandstorm

Day of Infamy [official site], their World War 2 spin-off from modern-day semi-serious FPS Insurgency, will leave early access and officially launch on March 23rd. That's the word this week from developers New World Interactive. Our Brendan Prematurely Evaluated Day of Infamy in August 2016 and had a gay old time capturing points, shooting faces, relaying messages by radio, and, accidentally calling artillery barrages down upon his own team. Oh dear.

It's very Insurgency-ish and a touch Day of Defeat-y, even borrowing a few maps from that WW2 FPS (with Valve's support, of course). That makes it a class-based multiplayer shooter, with competitive modes from capturing points to assassinating targets and destroying materiel. It's got some three cooperative modes too.

When Brendan played, he especially enjoyed playing the radio-running Support class. As well as relaying battlefield updates, he became some sort of primitive Megazord when paired with an officer.

"But it’s the combination of the radio man and Officer that made some of the game's best moments for me. Officers can call in big smokescreens and lethal artillery barrages by looking at a point and hitting a single button. But they need to have a radio man with them to do it. Officers, halfway across the field, will start shouting: 'Someone get me a fucking radio!' and the Support is expected to deliver. My most heroic achievements in Day of Infamy were not shooting dozens of men from across the map, but sprinting down an exposed street under sniper fire, running across open clearings whilst dodging bullets and explosions – all to get my radio to the officer who needed it."

Since then, NWI have released quite a few updates, bringing new maps, new modes, new weapons, extra prettiness, dismemberment, and buckets of bufixes.

If you're interested now, Day of Infamy is £14.99/17,99€/$19.99 on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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New World Interactive have also been working on Insurgency: Sandstorm for release in 2018. It'll jump from the Source engine to Unreal Engine 4 and, more importantly, introduce a singleplayer campaign. We've not seen much of Sandstorm but NWI did recently share a few screenshots, pieces of concept art, and details on the story.

It sounds not at all what I'd expect from a modern-day FPS. It stars two Iraqi women, who became freedom fighters after escaping enslavement by those eponymous insurgent, who team up with an American combat veteran and a French newbie on a personal quest. NWI say:

"Essentially, the narrative is a road-trip story. It's about these characters bonding through the many challenges that arise. Their diverse experience leads to interesting character dynamics, but ultimately their actions extend beyond their own volition.

I'm up for that.

Over on the multiplayer side, plans include larger maps, light vehicles, competitive matchmaking, and an improved ballistics model. Something for everyone.

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