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Dead Cells' first paid DLC is coming in February with new biomes, weapons, and more

Watch out for baby mushrooms

After a good run of free game updates, Dead Cells is getting its first paid DLC. Matt got to try out the Bad Seed DLC late last year and chat with the off-shoot studio Evil Empire who created it for Motion Twin's hacky and slashy roguevanialike game. The official gameplay trailer for the DLC has landed today with a date next month for its release.

In December, Matt was impressed with the design for Bad Seed's new enemies that were created specifically to pair with the layout of the levels they're found in. "This is definitely Dead Cells playing to its strengths," Matt said. "The game excels once you’ve reached the point where killing enemies hardly even slows you down, chaining jumps into ground pounds into slashes into rolls. It’s more fluid than a glass of water."

Bad Seed brings new plant-based biomes to Dead Cells: The Arboretum, The Swamp, and The Heart of the Swamp where giant mother tick is waiting. Gross. The new areas are meant to be alternatives to areas already in Dead Cells with the boss being "on par" with The Concierge. You can spot the giant two-handed scythe in the trailer above as well.

The DLC is intended as a dose of variety in the early areas of a run rather than a must-have extension. Matt initially wasn't sure if that distinction held water, despite Evil Twin's apparent good intentions, so reception will come down to how players feel about the addition. Though as Matt already put it in December, a paid DLC after so many free updates doesn't seem like tough sell. Especially in a singleplayer game where you've no worry of splitting the playerbase, I say.

The Bad Seed DLC is releasing on February 11th for $5 on Steam and GOG. Motion Twin and Evil Empire also say in today's announcement that they'll be hosting a Q&A on Reddit during the DLC's launch day, so keep an eye there if you'd like to ask your own questions.

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