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Costumed Fighting: Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round PC-Bound

But online modes missing at launch

I am glad to see more fighting games come to PC, and especially one where you can have a lady dressed as Sexy Sherlock Holmes kick a member of a Whitesnake cover band off a roof. Publishers Tecmo Koei have announced a PC port of DoA 5 Last Round, Team Ninja's next zany person-puncher. It's the third main version of DoA 5, expanded in the same way that Capcom revamp Street Fighter, and the first shinied up for those there new consoles.

Given that this is the series' proper PC debut (a free-to-play DoA ran from 2008-2010), it's odd that it's being hamstrung: it'll be missing online modes at launch. But look, I wasn't kidding about Sexy Sherlock. Watch a few bouts:

Here we see Sexy Sherlock facing off against Mr. Whitesnake in a slum. What crime has caused these two to meet, and why here? What trailer of impossible clues has Sherlock followed to track him down? A Whitesnake world tour t-shirt with one city name worn out as if it were often stroked intently, perhaps. I would like to see Sexy Sherlock face Robert Downey Jr.'s Hunky Sherlock.

And here we have- hey, that's Kano from Mortal Kombat! Kano! What are you doing here? Go back to your own game and leave that catgirl alone, you big silly.

As you might have noticed, DoA is big on wacky characters and garish costumes. It's got over 300 outfits across its 34 characters, along with hairstyles and accessories.

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round is due to launch on February 17th, 2015, priced at £29.99. It won't be an Early Access release, yet the game won't be finished either. As its Steam page notes: "Online modes for Dead or Alive 5 Last Round will be added in a patch within 3 months of release." What a weird thing that is. I imagine it'll have nasty consequences for forming an online community.

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