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Wacky, A Bit Wonky: Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round Released

Not the finest PC port

I admire how much Dead or Alive embraces its silliness. The fighting game series might be known for its terrifying unreal simulation of breasts, but that's unfair to the many other oddities in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round [official site]: geishas fighting roughnecks, huge amounts of zany clothing and costumes, tiger maulings, a colossal Buddha statue coming alive to deck pugilists, and so on.

DoA5LR came out on PC today, though bafflingly it's launching without online multiplayer. That's due to be patched in after about 3 months. That's a bit too silly, even for me.

Publishers Tecmo Koei are at least cutting the price until they add multiplayer, a 10% discount bringing it to £26.99 on Steam. It's still a weird move that I can only imagine will harm whatever online community eventually forms. Another curious decision is that, as this techno list-o details, it mostly shares visuals with the PlayStation 3 version rather than the PS4 and Xbone one. This means that yes, shock horror, it doesn't have the 'Soft Engine' tech making jiggly things jigglier.

In short, it sounds like a bit of a wonky PC port. It is the first proper DoA game on PC so that's perhaps not a surprise. Inside the port is still silly kooky punchy-punch-punch Dead or Alive 5, though, so if you want to play that I guess you'll need to decide how much iffy porting puts you off.

Anyway, look at how ridiculous this all this:

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