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Dead Space remake devs confirm that, yep, there's a secret ending

It's part of its freshly confirmed New Game Plus mode

EA Motive’s Dead Space remake stalks onto PC tomorrow, nearly a decade and a half after the original made us collectively need to buy new pants. Earlier this week, I reported on the possibility of this new take on Dead Space getting an alternate ending. The Reunion ending was leaked by an achievements list for the remake, but now the Dead Space Twitter account has confirmed that the game does indeed feature a secret ending. That’s not all, either.

The Dead Space remake is trying to double down on the original's atmospheric horror.Watch on YouTube

“Yes! Dead Space will have New Game+ at launch that includes: Level 6 Advanced Suit, New Phantom Variant Necromorphs, Secret Ending,” the account tweeted.

It's not yet clear whether this secret ending that's part of the New Game Plus is the same as the alternate ending mentioned in the leaked achievements, but we reckon it's likely they're probably linked in some way. I don’t like the sound of those new necromorph lads very much, though, even if we do get a new suit to protect ourselves from them. No, thank you.

Motive have said that they’re trying to preserve the atmosphere of the original Dead Space with their remake, but they’re also building on it with new elements of their own. One of these is the Intensity Director, which keeps an eye on your progress as you make your way through the infested corridors of the now freely explorable USG Ishimura - a place our vid bud Liam has a bit of a love/hate relationship with. Random Necromorphs and spooky environmental effects will get chucked your way while you wander about the ship, dynamically adjusted to bother you and get those nerves on edge. Thanks, Motive, I think?

The Dead Space remake is out tomorrow, January 27th on Steam and the Epic Games Store. It’ll set you back £50/$60/€60, and Steam pre-orders get a free copy of Dead Space 2 thrown in.

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