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Deadpool game being pulled from Steam again

wakka wakka

2013's kooky comic book stab 'em Deadpool will soon be pulled from sale, again. It'll vanish from the Steam store this Thursday, November 16th, though people who buy before then will get to keep and still play it. Deadpool has a 70% discount before it vanishes too, if you want to break both faces and the fourth wall. Publishers Activision never explain why their games vanish like this but presumably it's due to licenses expiring.

whoa hallo there fourth-wall-breaking font tbh maybe skip because the game seems kinda ehhh and the game is still not megacheap so w/e

So! Deadpool came out in 2013, made by High Moon Studios. It's a comic book hack 'n' slasher with jokes and silliness and ultraviolence. According to our John's Deadpool review, it's a mediocre action game and the jokes are not good.

I don't know what else you would expect in an Activision licensed game starring a character that is so easy to push into the realms of kooky-koo-koo-wakka-wacks.

This is the second time Deadpool is vanishing. Steam delisted Deadpool on January 1st, 2016 then it returned on July 2016. Annnd now it'll vanish on November 16th. Easy come, easy go.

Trust me on this; I have years of professional experience of writing garbage kooky jokes. LOOK AT ME.

If you buy Deadpool you will still have it in your library and be able to download and play when you wish.

I'm still surprised by how the Deadpool film ended up. Good jokes, good murders, good fun. How did they not entirely ruin it.

So until it vanishes again, Deadpool is £9/€12/$12 on Steam.

Fourth-wall-breaking stuff? idk man. I miss Pip. Pip would point out that what I'm doing is awful in several ways I know I dislike but think I can get away with yet definitely cannot.

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