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Death Stranding adds Cyberpunk 2077 missions and items

Wake the fuck up BB, we have a city to burn

Hideo Kojima appears in Cyberpunk 2077 (ever so briefly) along with a BB bottlebaby, so it's only fair he return the favour. The PC version of Death Stranding today added new crossover missions and gear inspired by CD Projekt Red's dystopian RPG, including Johnny's silver hand, a cyberbike, and those ol' cyberlines for Sam's face. He even gains the ability to hack machines. The update's free, and out now. Come see Cybersam in the trailer below.

Along with Johnny Silverhand's cybernetic arm and aviator shades, that bike ("with improved jumping power", they say), and the obligatory inexplicable facetracks, the crossover has some Cyberpunky holograms. And! Six new missions, which the announcement says feature "characters and lore from Cyberpunk 2077". Plus the new hacking ability, which gives Sam "the ability to stop Mule sensor poles from activating for a limited time, stun enemy Odradeks and hack Mule trucks to stop them in their tracks." Lotta Short Circuit hacks being deployed.

I know our Katharine is already planning to visit the BB Boys and check out their new cyberpals.

It's an interesting meeting of two open-world games that: 1) were highly-anticipated due to their creators' previous games; 2) have lots of celebrity cameos. Death Stranding turned out quite different to whatever people expected, but actually pretty great. Cyberpunk 2077, ah, it's giant and beautiful but falls short. See our Cyberpunk 2077 review for more on that.

Death Stranding is half-price right now on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and Humble, down to £27.49/€29.99/$29.99.

You can find the wee BB in Cyberpunk during a side-mission, The Hunt. As for Kojima, he's hanging out in the hotel bar during The Heist. Blink and you'll miss him. Or, like me, you'll see him because you love to stare at NPCs, but not realise it's meant to be Kojima because he has a different name and honestly doesn't stand out in a game where every other NPC has a cool leather jacket.

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