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Deathgarden relaunches with Bloodharvest update

Behaviour Interactive today relaunched their 1v5 multiplayer murderzone Deathgarden, a game which has struggled a whole lot more than its elder gamesibling, Dead By Daylight. It's still in early access but, reworked and renamed Deathgarden: Bloodharvest, might now be closer to a game that y'know people play. You can now see for yourself whether that's you because, as well as giving two spare copies to everyone who'd already bought it (ask your pals, eh?), Behaviour have launched a free trial weekend and given it a permanent price cut.

Deathgarden is similar to Dead By Daylight in that it's an asymmetric coop-o-competitive FPS where one high-powered murderer is hunting weak wee unarmed people who need to complete objects around the procedurally-generated murderarenas so they can escape. It's kinda in people's interest to play together up to a point, but eventually it can pay to be ruthless. What's different is that, rather than 80s horror movie slashers hunting teens, Deathgarden has a dystopian sci-fi Thirsty Games sorta setup where the hunters can have guns and the hunted can zip and zoom around with parkour moves.

It did not take off. For half its ten-month life, less than twenty players have been online at any one time. That is nowhere near enough to sustain a six-player multiplayer game. So! Here's Deathgarden, new and supposedly improved, with the Bloodharvest update. Behaviour have detailed much of the new direction in blog posts about objectives and how it all works, a new and "darker" art style, and persistent progression.

If you're curious, head by Steam for the three-day trial weekend which just started. Accompanying all this is a permanent 50% price cut, and a temporary sale bringing it even lower. That's £8.33/€9.99/$9.99 for the next week before it goes to the new regular price of £12.49/€14.99/$14.99.

For people who'd already bought the game, Behaviour have a "compensation plan." They'll get two extra copies of the game to give to pals, two revamped cosmetic sets, and other bits and bobs.

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