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Deathloop's ultra-violent groundhog day begins in May

Set a reminder for recursive murders

Deathloop has poor assassin-for-hire Colt play out the same bloody day, again and again and again. Now, though, we finally the exact date of your man's never-ending night of bloodshed - or, at least, the date we'll be able to get our hands on it. Following a potential leak on an Aussie PlayStation store, a new trailer has put a pin on May 21st as the start of Deathloop's stabby showdown.

Deathloop, in case you missed it, is Arkane's latest supernatural stab 'em up - a murderous puzzle-box that tasks you with slaughtering eight targets in one night without getting butchered yourself.

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Following the template set by the studio's work on Dishonored, Deathloop stars a death-dealing wizard wot skulks around the shadows, lopping off people's heads. This time, however, that Hot Topic dieselpunk is replaced with roaring 60s flair, sporting Saul Bass-inspired trailers and mask-wearing mooks reminiscent of Bioshock's splicers, shunted forwards a few decades.

Rather than cut a murderous path through a nation, though, Deathloop takes place on one, intricately woven island. In an almost roguelike structure, you've got one life to nail all your targets, planning the perfect route while trying to avoid getting a bullet in the head. Die, and it's back to the beginning of the night - for you, and everyone else on Blackreef. That there's another assassin hunting you down who may or may not be another human being only complicates matters.

Announced back at E3 '19, Deathloop was meant to arrive this winter. That was before the world went to shit, mind, with global outbreaks delaying every game under the sun and pushing the game back to 2021. Deathloop will now launch on Steam and the Launcher on May 21st next year.

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