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Deep Rock Galactic emerges from early access in May

We need to go deeper!

After quite a good run in Early Access, Deep Rock Galactic is emerging from the depths in just a couple weeks. The co-op dwarf FPS will move to version 1.0 on May 13th with new tunes, ranks, and quality of life improvements. If you've already been playing in Early Access, you can try out the release candidate by opting in to the experimental branch through Steam.

The new trailer introduces you to the four dwarf miner classes if you've not given them a go yourself. There's a damge-dealing Gunner, light-bearing Scout, rock-breaking Driller, and turret-building Engineer. You can dig into the depths alone with only the help of a little robot sidekick or drag three of your pals along.

Craig Pearson took the Driller for a spin just a couple months back over the holidays and found it a good time with a buddy. "We’re both only a couple of levels deep into the progression system, but I already have a garish mining uniform and a skull for a head," he says. "The flamethrower that the Driller carries is one of the best guns I’ve ever used, and fills the tunnels with beast basting fire. We’re planning to continue."

In their announcement post, Ghost Ship Games say that Deep Rock Galactic version 1.0 will include "14 new music tracks, Prestige Assignments, and 3 new Promotion Ranks as well as a long list of bug fixes, some QoL improvements, and quite a bit of optimizations."

They're also pushing the release candidate to the Experimental Branch of the current game. If you've already been drilling and gunning, you can opt in through the Betas tab in Deep Rock's Steam properties, which Ghost Ship explain in greater detail on their site.

Deep Rock Galactic will officially launch on May 13th. You can find it over on Steam where it will keep its current price tag of £25/€30/$30.

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