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Deep Rock Galactic is adding new missions, weapons and more this year

The devs say it might be their "biggest update ever"

Futuristic dwarven mining simulator Deep Rock Galactic has tons of new stuff arriving this year. Developers Ghost Ship Games revealed a 2021 roadmap over the weekend, detailing some of things to look forward to in the game's next couple of updates. In April they'll be addings things like modding support, then later in the year Deep Rock will get new weapons, a new mission type, and more.

First up, Update 34 will hit the game sometime in April. It will add official modding support (though only on Steam), and will include save game profiles so you can mess around with mods without affecting your main save. They also plan on rebalancing weapons and giving players the ability to rebind controller buttons.

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Then, Ghost Ship plan on releasing Update 35 a bit later this year in Q3 (between July and September). They say it might be their "biggest update ever", and it sure sounds like a lot of stuff. New weapons and overclocks (sort of weapon modifications) are on the way, as well as UI improvements, more cosmetics, and a brand new mission type.

"We have something cool cooking," the devs say. "Something horrible. Something challenging. Something… lucrative."

"On top of this, we might add in some new mutators, more features to the space-rig, more cosmetic systems, and maybe some more things to happen during the missions," they add.

While I've not played Deep Rock myself, I've heard plenty of pals raving about it. I really should give it a go. Dwarves, mining and space all sound like a delightful mixture, and it is an RPS Bestest Best, after all.

"Sixteen tons of detail, sixteen tons of character, sixteen tons of riotous bug blasting, spelunking co-operative goodness," Nic Reuben wrote in his Deep Rock Galactic review. "This game is a company I’ve got no qualms about selling my soul to for hours more to come."

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