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Deep Rock Galactic now has official mod support, and a mod that gives spiders beards

Easy ways to download and manage mods in-game

Mods are amazing and can never get enough love, so I'm glad to see that co-operative cave-diving FPS Deep Rock Galactic now has official mod support. It includes integration for browsing and installing mods, an in-game mod manager, and clearer communication for players joining modded servers, among a lot of other changes.

Deep Rock's developers outlined the update in a post on Steam. is the most significant addition. It's a third-party equivalent to Steam Workshop, and similarly lets you browse a database of mods and subscribe to those you want to install. They will then be automatically downloaded and updated.

Watch on YouTube can be visited from Deep Rock's in-game browser, or by heading to You'll need to sign up first. Mods are then split into three categories: verified, which are typically quality-of-life mods that do not alter gameplay; approved, which alter gameplay but do not disupt regular progression; and sandbox, which alter rewards and mission payouts and thus do alter progression.

You can turn mods on and off while keeping them installed via an in-game mod manager. You can also see what mods a server is running before you connect now, and let the game automatically install, activate or deactivate any mod required for you to connect.

There are already 261 DRG mods available via, with the developers pointing at a handful such as Fabulous Bugs, which adds random hats and beards to the enemy swarms, or Squeaky Toy Hammer, which is self-explanatory. As I said, mods are amazing.

As is DRG. In his Deep Rock Galactic review, Nic Reuben called it an "absolute gem", more than the sum of its parts, and many other words of praise.

If mods are what you needed to take the plunge into a procedural cave, then good news. Deep Rock Galactic is 35% off for the next week on Steam.

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