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Deep Rock Galactic will soon let you play the game as it was at launch

Celebrating its 5th anniversary with a time warp

It's great that games are now regularly updated post-release, but it's also common for me to long for those halcyon days when I first fell in love with a game. It's good news then that Deep Rock Galactic is celebrating its fifth anniversary by making it possible to play it exactly as it was at release in early 2018.

Of course, that's just one way they're celebrating the milestone, alongside an anniversary event and new DLC.

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Deep Rock Galactic's post-launch content updates have all been free, with ongoing development funded by new sales of the game and cosmetic bundles. Apparently there's been a "repeated question" from players, however, about how to support the game. "For those of you who want to show your continued support of Deep Rock Galactic, we have put together a most decadent, most luxurious, most supportive package of cosmetic DLC and extra goodies," says a post about the anniversary plans. The pack is called the Supporter II Upgrade and it'll launch on Steam on March 2nd.

That's the same date that the Year 5 anniversary event will begin. Running from Thursday, March 2nd until Thursday, March 16th, the event will feature new rewards, but the details will be revealed later.

And then there's DRG Legacy build. "To commemorate 5 years in orbit, we are adding the option to play the original version of the game," say developers Ghost Ship. "That’s right, you will be able to play DRG as it was when it originally launched in early 2018. Maybe you feel nostalgic and want to go back and experience those early days of glory. Or maybe you just want to appreciate everything that has been added since launch by actually seeing how different the game is today by comparison."

We liked Deep Rock Galactic a lot when it released in 2018, and we liked it more when we wrote our Deep Rock Galactic review when it left early access in 2020. At a time when there are quite a lot of new four-player co-op shooters but most of them are disappointing, Deep Rock Galactic remains well worth your time.

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