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Deep Rock Galactic's endgame update adds raids, improves beards

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Those dang Dwarves, they've only gone and dug too deep again. Ghost Ship Games' intergalactic halflings have been steadily mining out treasure and blasting aliens for a solid year and a half now, but it looks like the endgame is upon them. Deep Rock Galactic has expanded once again, bringing new kit, new combs, and a tough new game mode for hardened miners. What do you do when you've hollowed out all there is to dig? Well, I suppose you can always make a Deep Dive into parts unknown.

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Update 25 brings raids to Deep Rock Galactic. Repeatable, remixable co-op challenges for miners who've ground every other gig into dust. They come in two flavours - regular and Elite - and you'll need to be a Promoted dwarf to gain access. Deep Dives chain three generated missions together into one deadly slog. You don't get a free health or ammo shot after each stage, either, so it's as much an endurance slog as a test of strength.

Each stage comes with a modifier, a brutal little twist to spice things up. Sometimes, this might just be a little less oxygen in this section of the mine. But on other occasions, it might mean an invisible killer but with diamond-tough armour is stalking your every action. Beating each mission will always net you at least something, however, so you don't have to worry about plugging through 'til the final part of the last map before losing it all in an unfortunate cave-in.

Among these rewards are new weapon mods called Overclocks that can dramatically mix-up what a gun does. Some might just buff up an ammo counter, but others could give you extended airtime or give your shots an elemental twist.

Oh, and then there are the beards. These new-and-improved natural scarves can bounce.

The improved beards should no longer clip through the ground like some sort of spectral stubble. For you budding beard barbers out there, there are now dozens more to unlock and... craft? I'm not sure how one crafts a beard. But then, I'm not particularly one for illustrious facial hair.

Deep Rock Galactic unearthed a lot more than just beards and deep dives in today's update. You can find the full haul over on the Steam patch notes.

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