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Defyance Is A Syfy Shooter With Frytful Guns

Sy-Fy-Fo-Fum, I smell the walnut-infused mocchiatocinospresso of a marketing man. I still can't quite believe that the Sci-Fi Channel is called the Syfy Channel now and I'm also bewildered by the fact that Defiance, an open-world shooter that is linked with a new TV series, actually looks quite good. It should be awful, clearly, because these sort of transmedia efforts have the dual stench of desperation and cynicism hanging off them like a Cary Grant clinging to a president's face. The new trailer for Defiance is primarily interesting because the human characters are wielding some nasty biological weaponry, which I'd expected to be in the claws of their monstrous enemies. Take a look.

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The Q of the Defiance world is basically a maniac.

"Oh, hi guys. Going out to shoot some bad guys today? Well, then, here is a gun that causes the target's body to betray itself, erupting into a boiling mass of tumescent growths that stretch and distort, and then explode, unleashing parasitical roach-bastards that devour everything that's made of meat and within a certain radius. Say, like, a mile. Defy that. Ha ha ha.

Here is another gun that is called the "spanner protector". I don't know why I call it that. I've also made a rocket launcher but instead of shooting the rockets at people, you shoot them above people and then the sky sort of rains explosions. I figured it'd be more fun that way.

And this mortar? You think a mortar is quite dull, right? Don't sweat it. Me too. That's why the shells from this bad boy cause the ground to swell, absorbing the enemy's feet and pinning them in place so that an invisible person can snipe at them and laugh as they struggle in the mortar-muck."


Defiance will be available April 2nd.

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