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Deltarune Chapter 2 continues the Undertale follow-up tomorrow

This, too, is lovely

This week we'll get to play the second chapter of Deltarune, the neither-sequel-nor-prequel-but-maybe-related follow-up to Undertale, creator Toby Fox has announced. Surprise!

Fox says Chapter 2 will launch at 8pm EST (maybe he means EDT?) on Friday the 7th, which for us would be midnight (or 1am?) on Saturday. "Thanks for waiting," Fox said in his announcement.

He also joined a Deltarune stream with Fangamer last night to reveal—surprise again!—a wee peek at Chapter 2. Skip to 3:57:30 to see that:

Cover image for YouTube video

Deltarune's website says you can carry over a save from Chapter 1 by sleeping in your bed after the end. Though if you don't have access to your save, "As long as you generally remember what happened story-wise, you'll be fine."

After Chapter 1, Fox had initially planned to release the finished game all in one go, but later changed his mind to go chapter-by-chapter. "There are planned to be more chapters than Chapter 2," the website explains. "However, we've only completed Chapter 2 so far, so please be patient."

Deltarune is... not Undertale 2? It plays familiarly (though with more traditional RPG-ing, including having a party with you), has a familiar same vibe, and the world has some familiar faces, places, and other elements, but the FAQ states plainly that "this is not the world of Undertale." So whatever happened with the world and characters in your game, hey, don't swear it, that all happened and it's fine, okay. "Deltarune's world is a different one," the FAQ explains. "With different characters, that have lived different lives." Though it does hint there may be connections. Ah, relax. Here's a wee bit of Chapter 1:

Cover image for YouTube videoDeltarune Chapter 1 gameplay

Undertale was a huge hit in 2015, earning many fans with a sweet tone, fun jokes, a subversive playfulness, and rockin' good tunes. Then there was a weirdly fervent backlash from people who disliked the fandom, because the Internet is a terrible place.

"Like a thunderclap to a small dog, all of this attention stressed me out," Fox said in 2016, with the "endless whirlwind of discourse" constantly being revived by awards shows, contests, and such. He said—bless his heart—that even he thought "It's about an 8/10, niche RPG game." Maybe, but it was a big and underserved niche.

It really was delightful. And still is one of the best RPGs, we say.

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