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Destiny 2 is crossing over with Ghostbusters next week, complete with a Slimer Ghost and Ecto-1

And a horny Sparrow

The Ghostbusters skins in Destiny 2: a Slimer Ghost, demonic Sparrow and Echo-1 hoverboard
Image credit: Bungie

It seems only fitting that Ghostbusters has become the movie franchise that refuses to die, returning for a smattering of so-so (at best) reboots and sequels on screen and elsewhere being relegated to another rich vein of nostalgia to be mined for cash. Speaking of, Destiny 2 is getting Ghostbusters cosmetics next week!

The sci-fi shooter’s delve into a neighbourhood full of the strange will be exactly what you’d expect for the most part, in that it’ll be the same bits of Ghostbusters reheated every few years.

That means that, yes, green ghoulie Slimer makes an appearance here, serving as an oddly polygonal skin for your floating Ghost pal, who juts out of the pesky poltergeist’s mouth like a strange tongue. (Also, what’s up with Slimer’s accordion arms?)

Ecto-1, the other bit of Ghostbusters you’re probably thinking of, will also show up. While Bungie’s announcement post didn’t detail exactly what that skin will apply to, it looks like it might be one of the game’s new hoverboards rather than your ride-on Sparrow, judging by the less-than-ergonomic shape of the bustin’-mobile.

The last crossover item is easily the least interesting, being a Sparrow bedecked in demonic horns. Honestly, it looks more like something out of Diablo than Ghostbusters, but once you’ve done Slimer and Ecto-1, what’s really left? I can’t imagine they’d get the rights to let you zoom around on Bill Murray’s “here for the paycheque” expression.

The Ghostbusters goodies will land next Tuesday, March 19th, ahead of the arrival of new Ghostbusters sequel Frozen Empire in cinemas on Friday. Will this be the one to finally let it rest in peace? Probably not!

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