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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen's Savathûn is two Lady Dimitrescus tall

The data pervs crave ahead of tonight's reveal stream

The first peek of Destiny 2's next expansion, The Witch Queen, has the Internet engaging in its favourite activity: fawning over monstrous tall women who might murder you. Ahead of the big reveal-o event later today, Bungie released a wee teaser video introducing us to its incarnation of Savathûn, and yes of course she's a giant lady with a sexy voice. To placate/tempt/rile pervs, Bungie have confirmed that the Hive god of trickery, in this form, stands about 21 feet tall. This is going to be the horniest fan reception yet, isn't it.

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It seems The Witch Queen will finally introduce us to Savathûn, who's spent years pulling the strings behind the scenes. She's been an interesting adversary existing only in dialogue and lore books, not forced to be limited by the form of someone we can actually meet. The Hive are perhaps my favourite part of Destiny's world, with their religious order of tribute, magic fuelled by logic, and songs which can murder worlds. I've enjoyed her popping up to tell us half-truths and drop omens as she tries to cheat and escape the pact which gave her power. Her personal musical motif worming its way into the mouths of so many people over the past years has been a lovely little creeping threat. It'll almost be a shame to lose the mystery. But yeah, Bungie say she'll be a big girl.

Consulting Nate's comparison chart, that makes Savathûn about as tall as stand as tall as Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu with Kassandra out Asscreed standing on her shoulders then an emperor penguin sitting on Kassandra's head. Not all of the fan art is horny, mind. I liked this:

The big reveal is coming at 5pm (9am Pacific) today on Twitch. Destiny 2's normal expansion schedule would have seen The Witch Queen launch this September, but a cascade of delays has pushed it into 2022.

Also coming today is the start of Season Of The Lost, building up to The Witch Queen. Mara Sov, the Awoken Queen is apparently returning, and oh god I've just remembered how many player names I've seen that are horny for Mara. Now, more than ever, I'm glad I don't play with public voice chat on.

I do hope that dear sweet boy Crow doesn't come a cropper learning truths about his sister and his previous life.

I'm quite excited for all this. Destiny 2's on a hot streak lately, with Season Of The Splicer doing so much more than I had expected. Hell, it advanced the plot more than some expansions. Good characters, great guns, lovely times. I'm ready to have reality rocked by a giant queen of lies.

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