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Destiny 2's Guardian Games aim to prove, once and for all, which class is best

Don't call it a class war

It's about time we worked out which Destiny 2 class is the good one. Next week, Bungie's space-wizards, stellar warriors and, uh, moon hunters are taking part in the Guardian Games, a limited-time event that has each class battling out for new gear, snazzy guns, and the chance to win bragging rights over their Guardian compatriots. Don't worry, though. The best Destiny class is still the one you (yes, you) play.

Unless your side loses. Them's the breaks.

The Guardian Games (official site) kick-off on April 21st. As far as I can, it's basically immortal astronaut Olympics - right down to the coloured rings on all the iconography. Well, if we can't have the real thing...

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Every day during the event, you'll be able to pick up challenges from Zavala and Eva, earning points and daily rewards to bump your respective class up the leaderboards. New Sparrows, a stunning new Exotic Machine Gun named "Heir Apparent, some snazzy get-up for your Ghosts.

There's even a new set of "metallic" class items too, that shift between gold, silver and bronze depending on your current class standing. At the end of the event, those colours lock - get the gold, and it's yours 'til next year. But hey, maybe gold's a bit garish for your current 'fit. What if I'd rather be a runner-up with a slick silver suit? Well, you'd still be missing out on a "permanent reminder" in the Tower, letting the other 2/3rds of the game know that your lot means business.

Granted, not all Destiny classes are evenly distributed. Hunters (objectively the best class, on account of the capes) outnumber Warlocks a fair bit, right? Well, Bungie have confirmed (via Forbes' Paul Tassi) that starting population is taken into account when calculating scores. If your class isn't quite as popular, you'll find your contributions swing things a little bit more than the blokes in cloaks.

It's an interesting twist on previous Faction Rallies, lending some mechanical weight behind your team choice. The Guardian Games commence on Tuesday the 21st and runs 'til May 12th.

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