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Destiny 2's new Exotic bow has a wonderful rhythm of explosions

Paint targets, mark with a homing volley, aim, then detonate - and repeat

My favourite video game weapons have a rhythm, not just a bang-bang-bang beat. The click-clack-kapow of a pump-action shotgun. The choonkpf-wait-pling-wait-boom-plimpf-ploomf-click of a Fighting Lion. Anything with a strange timing or bit of finesse, I'm here for it. So I'm delighted by the new Exotic bow which arrived in Destiny 2 last night with the start of Season 13. Ticuu's Divination has a one-two punch of homing arrows followed by explosions, which is a winning combo for me.

Season Of The Chosen has arrived, and runs until May 11th. Caital, the Empress of the Cabal (and daughter of our doomdad, Calus), has arrived on Earth seeking forces to beat the Hive then the Darkness - but she demands our fealty. No ta! So we're now out there shouting "1v1 me bro!!!" at every powerful Cabal who'd support her, until we've crushed them all in ritual combat and her support collapses. It's too early to get a solid sense of the overall season, but I am well into Ticuu's Divination.

First, you charge a hip-fire shot to paint targets and loose a volley of three homing arrows which deal minor damage and mark them. Then, lining up a single arrow down the sights and nailing a marked baddie will trigger an explosion. Marked targets explode if killed by something else too, or if hit by another marked target's explosions. In short, lots of explosions with a pleasing motion of paint-volley-aim-boom and repeat.

Here's me taking it for a spin in the new Battlegrounds mode, while not being super helpful in terms of objectives - sorry, team. (Apologies if YouTube is still processing the 1440p version.)

Watch on YouTube

Yeah, Trinity Ghoul might be a better mass-clear bow, but explosions are cooler than chain lightning sorry that's just the rules. And this has a far better rhythm to it.

Ticuu's Divination is available through the season pass. Folks who buy the pass can get it at rank 1, while the free track offers it at rank 35.

Destiny is quite good at weird guns. I'm still delighted by the zapgun which turns enemies into orbs you pick up to punch people then slam dunk, though nerfs have not been kind to it.

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