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Destiny dancers pull serious lunar shapes in a new music video

Tonight, I'm gonna have myself a real good time

Back when Destiny was only on consoles, I knew three things about it: random words are turned into grandiose proper nouns; a wizard came from the moon; and the spacemen love to dance. Now Destiny 2 has come to PC and won me over, I can say yes, I was entirely correct. I am delighted to see a new musical extravaganza from Husky Raid, a group of players known for making hot dance videos in the first game. They've returned from a long sabbatical for Shadowkeep to combine emotes, weapons, and abilities in an all-singing, all-dancing performance. It is great.

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That's the Husky Raid gang, whose last serious boogy was in the original game. This here is a follow-up to a video they made on the Moon way back when, which also had a 'cameraman' stumbling into something strange.

I do enjoy how they've used Destiny's many colourful zapmakers. Some particular favourite moments of mine:

  • The ring of Micro Mini spacebikes, a vehicle so daft it still makes me laugh.
  • The Billie Eilish laserlight show from the Hard Light auto rifle and Anarchy tripwire grenade launcher.
  • Abusing emote glitches to boogy while still holding items from the previous animation.
  • The irresistible urge to rock out.

"It's been two years since we last uploaded anything and in that time we've definitely seen your posts asking where we were and we've missed entertaining you," Husky Raid member "MegaMagwitch" explained. "But unfortunately we've just all gotten very busy with new jobs, new marriages, new babies which just don't leave a lot of time for us to make videos and try to entertain all you lovely Guardians out there."

While I'm just learning of Husky Raid and now watching their older videos too, it seems I'm catching up at the end. He added, "I'm not saying that this will for sure be our last video, but there isn't anything else currently planned." Ah. Well. We'll have to do our own damn dances then, won't we.

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