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Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed is in development

From the same devs as 2020's DAH1 remake

Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed has been announced. It's a ground-up remake of the 2006 third-person action game in which you go on a globe-trotting adventure to, uh, destroy all humans. Reprobed follows last year's remake of the first Destroy All Humans, and comes from the same developer, Black Forest Games.

Here's the gameplay trailer, and I'll pop the cinematic announcement at the end:
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The official announcement of DAH2: Reprobed happened during THQ Nordic's 10th anniversary showcase, but is far from a surprise. The game was announced seemingly by accident by the PlayStation Twitter account earlier this week, and the trailer has remained online since. THQ Nordic themselves teased the sequel at the end of a trailer back in February.

Destroy All Humans 2 shifts time period from the 1950s to the 1960s, and lets players travel through fictional versions of San Francisco, London, Tokyo and ultimately to the moon. Its missions require you to blast away at earth's populous with beam weapons, but also to stealth through sections by body snatching to disguise yourself as human. In pre-alpha footage shown to press during a pre-event briefing, we also saw the player pilot a flying saucer and launch missiles at buildings, which blew up with fancy new physics.

I was never the biggest fan of the Destroy All Humans games back in the day. They seemed like mediocre action games with a tacky, anal probe-centred sense of humour. The remake of DAH1 got a spread of mixed and middling reviews, but then it also sold over a million copies. Am I so out of touch? (No, it's the gamers that are wrong.)

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