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Dark Gift: Devil Daggers Adds New Enemies, Mac Version

What fresh hell is this!

It's been almost one day since we last posted about Devil Daggers [official site] and I agree with you: that is too long. And since then, developers Sorath have released a major update for the arena survival FPS. It brings two new enemy variants and fresh new leaderboards to accompany them, a field of view slider, a Mac version, and new ways for cackling skulls to become even more intimate with your ears. All this is good.

The two new enemies are a third type of the skull-spawning squidpillars:


And a new type of hoverskullspider:


How wonderfully awful.

Onto technical things! The new FoV options go from 75 degrees up to 120, which is a generous spread. It has vynsc options now too, for folks who like (or dislike) steady satans. You can cram those skulls deeper into your ears now too, as Sorath explain the new HRTF processing option brings "virtual surround sound when using headphones." Annnd the Devil Daggers soundtrack is now dunked into its /OST/ subfolder for your listening pleasure.

Devil Daggers is still on sale on Steam, down to £2.99/3,74€/$3.74, for another day.

And yes, new enemies do mean new leaderboards. The old version of Devil Daggers and its leaderboards have been shuffled into a 'beta' branch, if you really want that all back, but the rest of us can begin climbing all over again. Former champ 'Sojk' is the new champion but still several minutes short of their previous best. This here isn't their current best run but it does show some of the new baddies:

Cover image for YouTube video

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