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Rumours of a Diablo animated series on Netflix reinforced

Yes but let's have a fireplace instead

The hit hot the hittie the hittie to the hit hit hot rumour going around again is that an animated series based on Diablo is likely coming streaming film-o-TV service Netflix. This latest action-RPG rumourburp is based on a now-deleted tweet by an aspiring showrunner but look, I don't care if this rumour is true or not. Let's hijack the attention it's raised and bend that towards persuading Blizzard and Netflix to make what we really need: one of those hour-long fireplace videos, with Deckard Cain hanging around the embers and greeting us "Stay awhile, and listen."

We won't see Deckard in this video, of course. It'll simply show a close-up view of a campfire, blazing and popping, as is the fireplace video tradition. It will have no monsters, no weapons, no bulging bags of gold, only a fire. In the distance we'll hear Charsi clanging away, but the only one speaking is our pal Deckard.

"Stay awhile, and listen!" he'll greet us. Then say nothing for 23 or so minutes. "You have quite a treasure there in that Horadric Poker!" he'll declare, before falling silent again. Towards the end of the hour, he'll pipe up "Have I told you about the Horadrim?" then trailing off as the video ends. That's it. That's all. Blizzard, Netflix, get on this.

Sadly, it seems they may be doing some animated doodad instead of this far better idea. Supposedly Andrew Cosby, a comics and TV writer known for co-creating Eureka, is in the running to handle it. Rumours Rumours about Cosby's Diablo have circulated since August, and on Thursday he seemed to confirm that such a series is at least planned.

"I guess I can confirm I am indeed in final talks to write and show-run the new Diablo animated series for Activision and Netflix," Cosby said in a tweet he has since deleted (but various webthings have kept cached). "It's very exciting and I hope to the High Heavens it all works out."

Of course tweeting it doesn't mean he'll land the job, that the show will go ahead, or that the plans are even real or he's even in the running - though this would be a weird and unfunny hoax. Cosby, fireplace, y'hear me?

Netflix have dabbled in video game cartoons before. Their Castlevania series, written by Warren Ellis, is due to return shortly before Halloween.

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