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Death To Middlemen: Dirty Dozen Sale Direct From Devs

Maybe not death. Maybe just a shove.

Cass picked up on this in yesterday's Bargain Bucket, but it deserves a post of its own. Show Me The Games are currently running the Dirty Dozen sale in which a 12 games are substantially discounted. What makes it special? These are direct-from-the-developer discounts, meaning Show Me The Games isn't taking a cut and every penny you pay goes to the people who actually made the games.

The games on offer include Gone Home, Frozen Synapse, Infested Planet, Democracy 3, and some game I've never heard of* called Sir, You Are Being Hunted. That's a good haul.

Also included in the sale: Blackwell Epiphany, Revenge of the Titans, Defender's Quest, Retro City Rampage, Bionic Dues, Beat Hazard Ultra, and Loren: The Amazon Princess. It's a good selection of games, with each game discounted between 40% and 75%. We've written about almost all of these games at one point or another, but for my part I found Infested Planet compelling and thought Democracy 3 was a game about a brilliant menu.

Show Me The Games is run by Positech Games, Cliff Harris' company and the makers of Democracy 3. Given the proliferation of discounts , it's presumably handy for all involved to team up and market their sales together. It's also nice, given how small a cut people often make from sales and bundles, to have an offer which delivers every penny to the people directly responsible for making the cool games.

At the time of writing, there's a little under five days remaining on the offer. Take a look.

*To be clear, I have heard of it, and it's made by our own Jim Rossignol's game dev team, Big Robot.

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