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Disco Elysium is now on Mac too

Get in, Maccers!

Delightful detective RPG Disco Elysium now has a official Mac version, inviting more folks to bumble disgracefully through a murder mystery in a strange seaside city. No more fiddling about with Bootcamp and that. For all newcomers, Mac or Windows, it has a 25% discount on Steam for the next few days too.

As is the way these days, if you bought it on Windows, that store will give you the Mac version too. That might seem obvious to some of our younger readers but ooh there were dark days once.

Monday also saw the launch of a wee patch adding some new idle animations and proper 16:10 support, as well as fixing bugs like tree shadows and a few sound and music issues. See the patch notes for more on that.

Disco Elysium is out now for Windows and Mac on Steam, where a 25% discount brings it down to £26.24/€29.99/$29.99 until Saturday, May 2nd. It's on the Mac App Store too. GOG is currently still only selling the Windows version (and not with a discount), but Za/um say the Mac release "will be up soon".

Alice Bee called the game a "flawed masterpiece" in her Disco Elysium review, then our former Alec (RPS in peace) returned to say it "offers a dark mirror to my mid-life crisis". We called it one of the best RPGs and all.

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