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Disco Elysium should now run better on chugging old PCs

It's the Working Class Update

If you wanted to get your melon twisted by Disco Elysium but your PC, like its star, was too weak and crumpled in the face of the slightest pressure, good news: the developers have optimised the heck out of it. They've managed to cut the surreal detective RPG's system requirement a whole lot, meaning more people should be able to play it now, and those who already could will have a better time of it. Scamps that they are, developers Za/um call this the "Working Class Update". They also got a load of translations in the works.

"If you found that your computer struggled to run Disco Elysium before then this update will hopefully remedy that," Za/um say in last night's announcement. "Many more people can play for the first time, or have a much better and smoother experience than before. This one's for all our bratan keeping it real by booting up games on their ancient potato machines."

The specs go down to a PC with a Core 2 Duo and 2GB of RAM. Dang, that's half the previous minimum RAM requirement. Or in Appleland, even a 2009 Mac Mini will do you.

Along with getting a professional team cracking on French and German versions, they've tapped fans for authorised localisations into Spanish, Korean, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese. On this page you can join in the fan translation efforts, vote for future languages, or just follow progress.

Disco Elysium has a wee 25% discount on Steam until Monday to celebrate all this, which brings it down to £26.24/€29.99/$29.99. It's also sold on GOG but doesn't have that discount there. It's one the best RPGs, sez us.

Za/um are among the developers joining the Guerrilla Collective event in June, one of the many filling the void left by E3's cancellation.

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