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Dishonored 2 Trailer Champions A Cutthroat Empress

My, my, my, Delilah

I know how much you like slitting throats, so I got this Dishonored 2 [official site] launch trailer for you. It’s got a lot of your stabby bloodshed in it, but also some other powers available to the discerning murderer, including ‘annoying flies’, the ‘mini warp’ and ‘becoming a living avatar of chaos’. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before but there’s some bits of plot thrown in for good measure. Which is good because plot is your second favourite thing after slitting throats.

Watch on YouTube

It’s teetering on the brink of its Friday 11 release, and we have joined the cabal of journalists fighting to get our thoughts to you in the form of clever words. Of course, this was made a little harder by Bethesda’s continuing hostility to consumers (we didn't get a review copy until today) but we promise we’ll be as johnny-on-the-spot about it as possible. Picture us reviewing it in a furious montage as an 80s power ballad plays.

In the meantime, at least we know the art of sunny Karnaca is great and the minimum specs have also been revealed for those interested.

[Disclosure: Cara Ellison, former RPS columnist and pally-wal did some writing for Dishonored 2. Her current whereabouts are unknown. If anyone has seen Cara please tell her we are all very worried.]

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