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Dishonored 2 Shows Eight Mins Of Mechanical Mansion

Love house

Good news: a new Dishonored 2 [official site] gameplay trailer is out, with a pleasing eight-minute chunk of Emily murdering her way through a place we've seen a bit of before. What I saw was quite nice, but I started peeking through my fingers then stopped watching because I'd still like to be surprised by Arkane's sneak-o-FPS.

Plbbbbbrfffff news: those silly sausages at Bethesda have announced that they'll release the game a day early - to people who pre-order it. You cheeky bunch!

The good: this natty gameplay trailer.

Cover image for YouTube video

Coo! What I saw before slapping my hand to my eyes was lovely. What a house! It's not as fancy as it looked in that first cinematic trailer but lawks, it's more like it than I was expecting. Good stuff!

Annnd yes, people who pre-order will get the game a day early. I'm too tired to have a Hot Take on this. It's sorta like releasing early except tied up in pre-order guff? Battlefield 1 is worse, letting players in early if they pay extra for the Deluxe Edition, and they can play a chunk even earlier by subscribing to that Origin Access doodad. And Squeenix tried to force pre-orders on the new Deus Ex with promises of releasing it early if enough people slapped their cash down early - only to back down when it was pointed out how flipping daft that was. Please can we knock off all this pre-order guff. Give people shiny stickers and pats on the head. If a game is ready to be released, just release it.

My Hot Take is a half-hearted Bronx cheer being forced out as I crumple forwards.

[Disclosure: Cara Ellison, RPS's former Senior Scottish Correspondent and my own current Flatmate/Platonic Life Partner, wrote a bit for Dishonored 2.]

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