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Dishonored 2: Happy Hour With Corvo Attano

Many killings!

Let it be known that Adam Smith is my arch-enemy, and if his body is found floating in Manchester Ship Canal with a dagger in its back any time soon, you know who to blame. Unless you're a police officer, in which case it was definitely his dog that did it.

The reason for my Smithsonian belligerence? There I was, doing my best not find out much about Dishonored 2 [official site] in order that I can go in blind, but he lobs a new trailer focusing on returning Dishonored 1 protagonist Corvo into the RPS work Slack and says he's too busy to post it. Which means I have to. Which means I have to watch it. Which means I now known things about Dishonored 2. Which means I need to buy a dagger.

Here you go. Looks a bit good, doesn't it?

More detail, more grime, maybe a bit more sense of Corvo as a person (bitter and wearier, but hopefully in more of a secretly soulful Geralt way than than a drab Adam Jensen one), and much more in the way of mysticism and magic.

I'm slightly in two minds about the latter - the Sandman Outsider sequences of Dishonored 1 were my least aspect of it, and though I don't mind a bit of dirty magic to liven up my armoury I didn't really need to know about its source. It certainly seems to be supporting some enticing-looking powers though, as well as bolstering some extremely spiffy art and graphics (presuming it can actually look like that in practice).

Dammit, Smith. I know far too much. I'll make man-whale oil out of you for this.

Dishonored 2 is out November 11.

[Disclosure: former RPS Senior Scottish Correspondent Cara Ellison has done some words for it. I honestly don't know which ones.]

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