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Divinity spin-off Fallen Heroes is on indefinite hold

To be finished... one day?

Larian today announced that Divinity: Fallen Heroes, the combat-focused spin-off from Divinity: Original Sin 2, is on indefinite hold. First announced in March and due to launch this November, it just needs more time and resources than anyone has right now. It sounds like they do plan to return and pick it back up at some point, but don't hold your breath. Or do hold your breath if you want to, I guess, because even if you do manage to make yourself pass out your body will automatically resume breathing so sure, why not, what else do you have to do right now? Not playing Fallen Heroes, that's for sure.

Fallen Heroes was being made by Logic Artists, the studio behind the Expeditions games. Our Alice Bee played a preview version back when it was announced, describing it as "sort of XCOM but for Divinity." Rather than a big open-world story-o-rama, it was a game of murdermissions with only mild chat.

A November launch was just too ambitious, Larian said in today's postponment announcement, as "it has become clear to everyone involved that the game will need far greater development time and resources than are available now to bring it to fruition, in a fun and sustainable way."

Larian say they're still continuing with Baldur's Gate 3 (see our Baldur's Gate 3 preview for more on that) and Logic Artists are still Expeditioning, but Fallen Heroes is ... who knows.

"We're sorry for the players excited for Fallen Heroes, who will have to wait an unspecified period of time, but we strongly believe that bringing Fallen Heroes to fans should be done in a timeline that allows it to be developed soundly.

"We value the work that everyone has put in to Fallen Heroes, and though we lament its status as of now, we all agree that there's a great game in there that will sometime reach the players who await it."

Yeah, it's still Original Sin 2's turn-based tactical combat with weird spells and elemental wackiness. As Alice concluded, "The OS2 combat is really clever, isn't it? So, to put it another way: did you like the combat from Divinity: Original Sin 2? Keep an eye on the progress of Fallen Heroes." Now you just need to keep that eye open longer than expected.

Disclosure: Lovely old Adam left us to go work for Larian, the bastards.

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