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DIY FPS: You Could've Made This ShootMania Trailer

Well, allegedly. I mean, it opens with "This video has been created using only in game tools," so - once Shootmania Storm releases later this year - you'll have your canvas. Of course, I suppose you'll also need an eye for cinematography, a hand for level design, and an ear for music that makes people think "Is this dubstep? Is it going to become dubstep? No? OK, phew." I also love the somber, oddly Dear-Esther-esque opening... that's almost immediately interrupted by lasers. I will hang it in a museum and call it "Videogames." All that said, it is pretty impressive-looking, and if the toolset's anywhere near as robust as TrackMania, this one has a long life of firearm-based life-ending ahead of it. Exercise your creative individuality by constructing the same path as everyone else past the break to see the full trailer.

Cover image for YouTube video

Shootmania Storm's set to launch at the end of 2012. That's handy, too, because that means we can just build all the games that have been Walker Principled into 2013 ourselves. I feel like I can probably turn BioShock Infinite around in a few days. Anyone want to take  Aliens: Colonial Marines? How about XCOM? And hey, Prey 2's always an option. It just, er, may not end well for you.

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