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Enwub: Shootmania Storm Open Beta Dubstep Moment

You know its time to play a fast-paced modern videogame when the dubstep drops. So it is with Nadeo's latest trailer, which heralds - via the medium of distorted bass and exploding people - the arrival of the open beta for their multiplayer FPS, Shootmania Storm. Yes, the keys are no longer required, and anyone can walk in through the front door. The big lure of Shootmania is, of course, that you can craft your own levels, but this trailer also highlights the speedy, acrobatic action, and the, uh, ability to change your character from red to blue. Mm.

Anyway, it looks ace, and I am finally diving in for a play. Join me? *wub wub*

Watch on YouTube

Oh, and the map editor trailer, because it actually tells you stuff.

Watch on YouTube

Also, I keep typing "Shootman" when I write about Shootmania, and obviously it auto-completes to Shootmania, since we've already written about it so many times. But that just makes me realise that there hasn't been a game called Shootman on RPS. I Googled for Shootman, and came up with a few things that didn't look like we should post them. So that explains that.

Life, eh? Amazing.

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