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Don't expect PlayStation games to launch simultaneously on PC

In case you had hoped

Was anyone really expecting Sony to start releasing their games simultaneously across PC and console? Panicked PlayStation 5 owners, perhaps - but even they should fret no longer. In an interview with Game Informer, head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst committed to PC releases coming only after a period of exclusivity.

On the subject of simultaneous releases, Hulst said that he "honestly can’t see us doing that with one of the platform-defining experiences that we're making at PlayStation Studios."

Cover image for YouTube videoDays Gone – Story Trailer | PS4

"Typically, there have been about two years between the release on our platform and the PC platform. But you can rely on us to continue to create platform-defining exclusive content for PlayStation – that's part of the reason why we exist. It’s really important for us to squeeze the maximum out of the platform, to build showcases for the platform, and really let the audience see what these great features are contributing to the overall experience."

Sony have repeatedly expressed a commitment to porting their games to PC, with Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone making the leap so far. Both came to PC several years after their original console release, however, with Uncharted 4 next in line to make the same journey. Sony appeared to bolster their plans in July by buying porting specialist Nixxes Software, but there's never been any suggestion that releases would arrive day-and-date.

I'm OK with this. There's plenty in Sony's back catalogue to keep me happy if it continues to trickle across to our favoured machines, whether that's Spider-Man or Bloodborne or Dreams or Tokyo Jungle.

Part of the reason this is a topic of conversation is, of course, that Microsoft have committed to bringing all of their first-party games to PC on launch day. That's because Microsoft make Xboxes, but would prefer to be in the subscription business by getting people to sign up to Game Pass. Later this month, the Microsoft published Psychonauts 2 will be available via Game Pass on launch day.

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