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Xbox Game Pass lines up more games for August, including Humankind and Psychonauts 2

Plus 12 Minutes and more

Raz from Psychonauts 2 getting a new skill in a dark environment, with bright colours shooting out from behind him.
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Last week I wrote that best-game-of-last-year Hades was coming to Xbox Game Pass in August, alongside some other fine games such as Curse Of The Dead Gods and Katamari Damacy.

This was apparently insufficient, since Microsoft have just laid out more games coming to their game subscription service in the Month Of Aug, including Humankind, 12 Minutes and Psychonauts 2.

Microsoft laid out the calendar in a new blog post. Top of the list is Humankind, the history-spanning 4X from Amplitude which is available as of today to conicide with its full release. In his Humankind review, Nate called it a heavyweight alternative to Civilization - strange, overwhelming, and an at times extremely rich strategy game.

Cover image for YouTube videoTop 12 New PC Games For August 2021

There are a couple of other big day-and-date Game Pass launches this month, with timeloop escape room 12 Minutes and mind palace platformer Psychonauts 2. The latter is no surprise, as developers Double Fine were one of Microsoft's many acquisitions over the past few years.

There's also the Myst remake on the way on August 26th, in case you want to check whether Myst is good yet. Here's the full list:

  • Humankind - Today
  • Need For Speed Heat (cloud) - Today
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 (cloud) - Today
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (cloud) - Today
  • Recompile - August 19th
  • Train Sim World 2 - August 19th
  • 12 Minutes - August 19th
  • Psychonauts 2 - August 25th
  • Myst - August 26th

The post also mentions a couple of recent additions you might have missed, including Boyfriend Dungeon which launched this past week. Plus Stardew Valley is coming sometime this autumn. I don't personally subscribe to Game Pass, but dang, it's a lot of games, isn't it?

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