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Don't expect more of Telltale's Borderlands any time soon

But they're some of Telltale's best...

Update: Well ho ho ho don't I look a fool. Telltale have since announced a new season of Wolfamongus, along with more Batman and The Walking Dead. But no mention of new Borderlands, sadly.

If you've been hoping to hear more from Telltale Games about new seasons of The Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands, don't hold your breath unless you're willing to pass out over and over for an indefinite -- and possibly endless -- time. After That There Internet You Get Nowadays became excited about a marketing hint internauts took to be about an impending Wolfamongus announcement, Telltale marketman Job Stauffer stepped in with a hose to cool everyone's jets. Nope, it sounds like Telltale won't release me of either any time soon (if they ever do?).

First, the foolish backstory. As Eurogamer reports, Telltale tweeted earlier this week that today, Wednesday, they would announce some news "that NO ONE will want to miss". After voice actor Adam Harrington, who plays Bigby Wolf in Wolfamongus, retweeted that, some folks took that to be a sign of Fables news. But Harrington also voices characters in Puzzle Agent, Tales of Monkey Island, The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy... many Telltale games.

"I worry about people getting their hopes up in the wrong direction," Job Stauffer tweeted in response, breaking out his hose. "He may be of very few words, but Adam also voices Groot in our GotG."

Stauffer followed up saying Telltale would "KILL to step back into [Wolfamongus's] world some day & we know our fans would too." That doesn't sound like something happening any time soon. Unless this is an elaborate bluff. But that might be a double bluff. Or a triple bluff... let's take it at face value, to be safe.

As for Tales from the Borderlands, Stauffer had told a fan a few days prior, "As we've said before, we LOVE that project w/ all of our hearts, but the next entry in the [Borderlands] story will be from [Gearbox Software]."

Given that all we've seen of Gearbox's next Borderlands is some art tech tests, any potential new Tales from the Borderlands would be a fair while away.

This is all too bad. Wolfamongus, a moody detective story set in Bill Willingham's comic book world of Fables where fairy tale characters have fled to New York City from a war, was The Bestest Best Adventure of 2014. And Tales from the Borderlands was a right funny caper, which greatly surprised me as I don't like Gearbox's actual Borderlands games.

Telltale recently wrapped up a Batman series and the third series of The Walking Dead. They've currently got Guardians of the Galaxy and season two of Minecraft: Story Mode on the go, and we know more Game of Thrones is coming at some point. It's also surely about time they say more about their transmedia 'Super Show' format.

Today's announcement will start at 4pm so we'll soon know what's up. In the meantime, hey, a new Humble Bundle has a load of Telltale games cheap.

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