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Don't listen to Microsoft Flight Simulator's infuriating installation song, listen to these

Serious song suggestions while you wait for takeoff

If you're installing Microsoft Flight Simulator, you will find yourself hearing the same short piece of music over and over while it downloads all 91GB. Sure you could just manually mute this in the Windows mixer, but you'd be wrong. Clearly the developers intend to evoke feelings of hours sat in an airport listening to muzak after your flight's delayed, or the telephone hold music to get a refund on a holiday cancelled by the pandemic. Without installer music, you're not truly experiencing MS Flight Sim. But if you do want a break from this particular loop, we have some alternative music ideas.

For me personally, the only real option is this classic Yanni banger, the official soundtrack to British air travel:

For reasons secret to himself, Nate wants the lost guitar solo from the Grandstand theme:

Sin suggests another classic song from British aviation history:

Graham demands the theme song from Alan Cumming's airline sitcom, The High Life:

"There is only one song that I could loop forever," says Craig Pearson. "I've used it to clear my head of other songs that were stuck in there."

If you're a purist who'd rather your replacement loop also be short, Alice Bee says "the breakdown from S Club Party just about fits":

If you're looking for actual suggestions, not just people pissing about with jokes from old British TV shows, Katharine has you covered - and with Spotify links. "Put the Threes music to it," she says. Or Untitled Goose Game's playful piano. "Or for some more manic energy," Pikuniku music. Or a chocobo choon. Though ultimately she says, "Surely the only answer is:"

One thing is clear: if you don't sit there listening to music repeat for all 91GB, you're a coward. If you turn your sound off or even step away from your PC, you might as well uninstall it.

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