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Static Scares: Check Out Doom II Level Dead.Wire

Try banging it!

I realise the new hotness in demonic dismemberment is Doom Notfour but this weekend I popped back to Doom II to check out a new(ish) player-made level. One of you lovely readers recommended dead.wire by 'Xaser' to Adam because our lad's into spooky stuff, then he shared it with me because I like fraggy stuff. Sure enough, dead.wire is both spooky and fraggy, travelling inside a strange facility where the sky burns with white noise, bits of the level appear from nowhere, and... oh no, where are the monsters?

dead.wire has... not really a gimmick, because 'gimmick' implies superficiality, whereas dead.wire's monsters being invisible and quiet dovetails wonderfully/horribly with its strange static vibe, whispering, and new music. But I'm getting ahead of myself. We must always remember to consult the readme file:

You are an engineer employed by the UAC to
investigate the source of a strange signal
originating from an abandoned facility.

This wad tells the tale of what happens next...

The lesson is never to take any job with UAC.

Dead.Wire's a tricky level. I died an awful lot, though I am rusty with Doom in general - let alone maps made for modern players. I quite like its replacement weapons, mostly familiar yet different enough to be Doomy but Notdoom. It can really flood enemies at times, but mostly it's fiendish and unpleasant and oh god something's snuck up on me again. I'm deeply out of touch with the state of Doom mapping, but this was a fun one for me. You might like it too?

If you're interested, download it over here and load it up with Doom II through GZDoom.

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