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Doom On You: New Doom Summoned To May 13th

Doom over the world

Here's me muttering about one newstyle oldstyle FPS when along roars word of a right biggun: Doom [official site] will be upon us on Friday the 13th of May. That's almost twelve years since Doom 3, you know, and twenty-something years since the original two Dooms this new one seems to be calling back to more. This news is accompanied by a wee new trailer full of demons, dismemberment, bwamp noises, and a Baron of Hell ripping the player's legs off. Nice.

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It's looking more colourful than before, isn't it? I'm glad to see Cacodemons with bright green eyes and glossy red skin - that's how you know they're healthy. I do quite fancy a play. Between this and Shadow Warrior 2, 2016 has some interesting-looking meldings of modern and classic games coming up.

I'm still not sure about those Brutal Doom-style finishing moves, though. It looks to me like pausing to gouge eyes, snap teeth, and otherwise rip and tear takes some of the momentum out of fights, but I haven't played it myself so.

If you want to see more, they've previously shown off bits multiplayer and murders and the editor, and GameStop's Game Informer have a month of Doomy doodads.

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