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Doom adds AI bots and demonic ballsport

Honk that eyeball

From the author who brought you such cutting insights as "Whaaat? id Software released a game without deathmatch?" comes the shocking follow-up "Huuuh? It didn't have bots either?" Doom [official site] now has bots, which I suppose means it hasn't had bots the past seven months. 'Update 5' launched yesterday afternoon, boshing in AI bots to battle in deathmatch and deathmatch along with a new multiplayer that's a bit like extra-violent rugby played with a cute demonic eyeball. Futuresports!

Oh, and Bethesda say the final bit of multiplayer paid DLC will launch next week.

So! Update 5 has added multiplayer bot buddies, bopped in a new top-end multiplayer rank, smooshed in more things for SnapMap creations, and added Infernal Run mode. The futuresport sees two teams trying to carry an eyeball to their opponents goal, passing it between themselves, to lob it in. Check out the patch notes for more details. The download was a hefty 11.9GB for me, by the way.

A double XP weekend is on now too.

Here, this trailer shows off the new stuff:

As for 'Bloodfall', the last lump of multiplayer DLC, it'll add three maps and the ability to play as an invisipinkie. Bethesda call this "the final DLC for Doom" so huh, maybe we won't see anything singleplayer. Fingers crossed they're thinking about a standalone expansion like they did with Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

I do like futuresports but, ah, right now I'm too busy chasing the chainsaw trying to run away from me. It has been a while since I last checked out what people are making in SnapMap, mind, so maybe there's goofy fun waiting for me in D44m now too.

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