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Doom Over The World: The 2015 Cacowards

22 years old!

Ask me "Alice! You like Doom and player-made stuff and player-made Doom stuff - what's this year's best?" and I'll sheepishly reply "Ah, heck, I don't play nearly enough to know. The selfie mod was funny, wasn't it? With the selfie stick? Right? Jokes? Oh, hey, did you see the Doom Mixtape? Look I need to..." Don't ask me that.

Some people who do play an awful lot of Doom, mind, are the Doomworld lot. Every year on December 10th - Doom's birthday, it's now 22 years old - they hand out gleaming Cacowards to their favourite new Doomy creations, which are often a handy pointer towards good and fun new things. This year's results are in, so go a-Dooming!

Looking over the long list of levels and things, I... yep, the selfie stick - winner of the Mockaward - is the only one I've played. But it's fine that I'm some sort of clown: that means I've got plenty to explore over the holiday.

I do like that still, 22 years after Doom came out, the Cacowards focus on new levels. Sure, you can play 'em in anything, but it seems to me like celebrating vanilla Doom as still a pretty great game, lacking mostly in new murderdomes. Though I do like the look of DoomRL Arsenal, winner of the Best Gameplay Mod award.

Inspired by the Doom roguelike, DoomRL Arsenal brings player classes, weapons with randomised stats, weapon mods, a new armour system, and other weird and interesting RPG things. It sounds a right lark in co-op.

Go on, go check out the full Cacowards.

This being Doom's 22th birthday and all, some id Software folks have a few thoughts about Doom to share too.

Yeah okay fine here's that selfie stick again:

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