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Doom Eternal brings veiny vistas and violence to November

Rip and tear etc

I'm sure the chainsaws and shotguns and evisceration of Doom Eternal are grand and all but tonight when watching the trailer announcing its release date, I could only think "Ooh that's a lovely landscape." Hellish gates opening to reveal a Bosch-esque, Babel-y spire is a good view. A wee snippet of pure red figures bowing in synchronised worship is grand. I like that the smooth white architecture of the mysterious angelic (?) faction is the wrong sort of white, like bone or teeth rather than purity. Also there are loads of chainsawings and shotguns and evisceration and all that. Oh, and it's coming out November 22nd.

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See? Some nice places in there. I particularly like the red trees in Teethland, branching like alveoli in a landscape already veined with red. I believe that lot are called the Maykrs. Should they be some sort of angelic order, as I'll wildly guess, doubtless it'll turn out that angels are also pricks in need of a good pulping. The Doom Slayer has no respect for any authority, demonic or otherwise, maaan.

Doom Eternal will launch on November 22nd through Steam (a page not yet up as I write but y'know that's where it will be) and Bethesda's store, priced at £55. Two add-on campaigns will follow, which are bundled into the Deluxe Edition for an extra £25.

Our Matthew has somehow already played the demo on show at E3 (what witchcraft is this?) and reported back with this video:

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