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Gristlegun And Cacoface In New Doom Multiplayer DLC

Get yr Cac on

A new gristly lump of DLC for D44m [official site] has arrived and yes, this one is all-multiplayer too. Yes, id Software and Bethesda must feel a little silly for thinking multiplayer is what people would want more of. But hey, singleplayer stuff including a leaderboard-climbing Arcade Mode did arriving only last week for free in an update. Anyway! The 'Hell Followed' paid DLC launched today, most notably adding a new gun made of guts and the ability to transform into a Cacodemon and devour other players. Ah, smashing stuff - this reminds me of a childhood fear of Blurp Balls.

Hell Followed's new weapon is the Reaper, a gristlegun with a burst shot then a charge shot module. It adds three new maps, from a space station to a lavaland. It boshes in three new Hack Modules and has a new Equipment Item, the Threat Pulse, which basically blips a wallhack pulse when blooped. Plus, cyberdemon-y armour.

Hit this post for more details on all that. And have a gander in this here trailer:

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Hell Followed costs £11.99/14,99€/$14.99 by itself on Steam or comes as part of the £30 DLC Season Pass. The third and final (as far as we know) piece of DLC will be another multiplayer pack, bringing more of the same.

Do remember that Doom's 'PartyPlay' DLC system means that if one person in a party owns a DLC, everyone else can play its newbits.

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