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DOOM: The Dark Ages comes rampaging in on a chainsaw shield next year

The slayer seems to have borrowed Kratos' furry coat

The Doom Slayer in DOOM: The Dark Ages
Image credit: Bethesda

DOOM: The Dark Ages is the next Bethesda Doom game, following DOOM 2016 and Doom: Eternal. It takes the FPS series back to a more civilised medieval age, where men and demon solved their disputes with throwable chainsaw shields, massive dragons, and guns that grind skulls at silly speeds then fire out the bone chips. Feast your face on the trailer below.

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“Before he became a hero, he was the super weapon of Gods and Kings,” exclaims the trailer. While the world we're shown here looks like a different age for Doom, its certainly not lacking in technological advancement, with giant mechs that the Slayer can pilot for a light spot of demon stomping. There’s also some more decisively medieval melee combat options, like a chained mace. Also, the Slayer has a furry cape, which looks ridiculous with his space marine helmet.

The last shot we’re shown in the trailer is the Slayer flying over a huge city on the back of some kind of plasma wyvern. Aerial vehicle combat in my DOOM? If I didn’t trust the team implicitly, I’d be worried.

There is, of course, one notable absence from the trailer, that being the music of Mick Gordon, following his departure from the series a few back after he made allegations of serious piss-taking on Bethesda’s part - allegations that later turned out to be more than justified, despite Bethesda's public statement to the contrary. Still, it’s an exciting reveal, although any good will toward Xbox’s future line up is worth tempering with the reminder that they recently shuttered the studios that made Prey, Redfall and Hi-Fi Rush.

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