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Door Kickers 2 In Development, Switches To 3D

Tom Clancy-'em-up!

At the start of the Christmas holiday, I looked upon my list of installed Steam games and considered what new games I might finally have time for. Then I instantly opened up Door Kickers [Steam page], a game I'd played a dozen times before. It was the only PC game I played over the break.

Good news, then! Door Kickers 2 is in development.

In a New Year update over on Steam, developers KillHouse Games discuss the work of the past year before discussing the future.

"As 2015 has come to an end, it’s time to talk about the future, and the future is Door Kickers 2...", it begins. "DK2 brings the step to 3D: environments, characters – but keeps the clear and easy-to-use top down perspective and hardcore, unforgiving action. It keeps the real life action but moves it to a new and exciting setting. And it changes … everything."

They say they're being deliberately vague, but that more information will come on January 17th, three years to the day that they first announced the original Door Kickers.

That first game is a tactical triumph, which is why we named it the best tactical game of 2014. You command a small squad of SWAT-like soldiers as they breach homes, offices and other urban environments and clear them of the terrorists that reside within. It's controlled via a Frozen Synapse-like interface, but I find the setting makes singleplayer more satisfying, and there's greater diversity of gadgetry as you plant explosive charges and use snake-cams to peak underneath doors.

Although I did at one point walk a man between a couch and chair and then find myself trapped, unable to kill the final terrorist hiding in a bathroom, I still love playing it. A sequel is good news.

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