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Door Kickers adds online cooperative multiplayer

gg to the happy couple

Hi gang, apparently I didn't read the small print on a cup of tea The Man offered me and I'm now contract-bound to produce some #content about the #RoyalWedding.

Well well well, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are to be wed. Holy matrimony. The bond. Some say that a married couple are like an elite SWAT team, working together using teamwork, communication, support, planning, bolt cutters, stun grenades, and a Benelli M4 semi-automatic shotgun. While we can't see the future and know every storm a marriage will face, Harry and Meghan, we can prepare ourselves by playing the new online cooperative multiplayer mode added to Door Kickers.

Door Kickers, I'll remind you Harry and Meghan, is the top-down tactical breach 'em up which we declared one of our favourite games of 2014. Formulating plans to smash into places to rescue hostages, shoot baddies, defuse bombs, and so on is a lot like planning for a royal wedding - only with fewers tears! And with less public attention focused on an institution which has no place in a modern society. And I'm not just talking about marriage! Hey-o! (Prince William, you may borrow that joke for your best man speech.)

But as much as you want to move and fire and move and fire and move and fire, Harry and Meghan, you must remember to do that together. Every marriage takes work and yours can start now by playing Door Kickers in co-op.

Three years after Door Kickers launched, developers KillHouse Games finally added an online cooperative mode last week. Harry, Meghan, I'm sure you've both been waiting for this.

Online co-op is only for the Steam version of Door Kickers right now, mind, because it runs through Steam's own multiplayer guts. One dev says in a comment on the announcement that it's "unlikely" the DRM-free version will get online co-op, though "MAYBE" the GOG release will eventually.

Harry, Meghan, remember: the couple that breaches together clears together.

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