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Sunless Sea, Else Heart.Break() In Humble Indie Bundle

Plus Door Kickers, Outlast...

While Brendan skipped around gaily like a cyberkid in a cybercandy shop, hacking that candy to receive godlike powers, John was less enamoured with Else Heart.Break(). If you were torn between those two opinions and passed over the sandbox RPG when it came out last year, hey, it's in the latest Humble Bundle. It's a mega-bargain, also offering Sunless Sea, Trine 3, Door Kickers, and more for as little as £6.

As ever, the bundle's a pay-what-you-want dealio giving more games as you pay more.

Paying anything will get you open-world nostalgiafest Retro City Rampage DX, first-person horror Outlast, a coupon for 80% off Outlast's DLC, and storytelling platformer Never Alone plus its expansion. Here, check out Wot We Thought of Outlast and Never Alone. You'll need to pay at least $1 to get Steam keys for those.

Beating the average price (currently $6.18/£4.50-ish) will also get you beautiful fairytale platformer Trine 3, tactical SWAT 'em up Door Kickers, and more yet-unrevealed games. Here's what Marsh made of Trine 3 while it was still in Early Access. Here's Tim Stone on Door Kickers, and he's interviewed Chief Door Kicker Dan Dimitrescu too.

Lastly, paying $2 more than the average price (currently $8.18/£6-ish) will get you Else Heart.Break() and Sunless Sea on top of all the rest. Alec has told you that Sunless Sea is "essential" and Adam declared it one of the best RPGs so, like, it's nice, okay.

All these games come for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as both Steam keys and DRM-free downloads. This is the Linux debut for Sunless Sea too.

Gosh, what a great bundle!

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