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Sunless Sea is free to keep on Epic this week

Sail the seas, experience wonders and horrors, lose your mind, die

If the recent sea shanty craze has inspired you to experience something terrible at sea, you should check out the latest game being given away free on the Epic Games Store. Failbetter's Sunless Sea is a roguelikelike exploration RPG upon a deeply cursed underground sea, set in the same supernatural world as their browser game Fallen London. Recruit a crew, take on quests, explore, encounter wonders, uncover mysteries, experience horrors, lose your mind, eat your crew, and die.

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"Look, Sunless Sea isn't for everyone," Alec said in our Sunless Sea review after it left early access. "It requires patience, and it requires no small amount of imagination. For those who have those qualities, or are prepared to try and acquire them, I would say that Sunless Sea is an uncommonly rewarding roleplaying game, and an essential one."

You have until 4pm GMT on Thursday the 4th of March to grab Sunless Sea free for keepsies from Epic. You need an Epic account and the client, obvs. After that, the next freebie will be Wargame: Red Dragon until March 11th. Pretty good RTS series, that.

Sunless Sea's Zubmariner DLC, which adds undersea adventures, isn't included with the freebie but is good. Epic do pay for these giveaways but, y'know, if you like it you might wanna give Failbetter extra cash for more.

Failbetter followed this up with a game about exploring the cursed cosmos, Sunless Skies. That was good too. They're currently crowdfunding a romantic visual novel set in the same world, Mask Of The Rose - which hit its goal after one day. 13 days left on that Kickstarter.

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